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RS/MP Lesson 16: “Offer Up Thy Sacraments upon My Holy Day” (George Albert Smith Manual)

Posted by kirkcaudle on August 14, 2012

The end of this lesson lists this quote under teaching help, “A skilled teacher doesn’t think ‘What shall I do in class today?’ but asks, ‘What will my students do in class today?’; not, ‘What will I teach today?’ but rather, ‘How will I help my students discover what they need to know?’” (Virginia H. Pearce, in Teaching, No Greater Call, 61.) With this quote in mind, these notes will consist mainly of questions for you personally to ponder or to ask your class.

A link to the full lesson is here.

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“Always Remember…” (YW Lesson 4, Manual 1 – Seeking the Companionship of the Holy Ghost)

Posted by Karen on January 19, 2012

Lately I’ve been thinking more and more about the sacrament prayer’s promise that as we “always remember Him” we can “always have His Spirit” with us. What is it about “remembering” that brings the Spirit? How do we remember? Do we confess His hand in all things? And does that mean that we see everything as His work? As grace? Is it that we always remember His love for us? The “greatness of God, … his goodness and long-suffering towards [us]“?

I did a search for “always remember” in the scriptures at lds.org. Besides references to the sacrament, I found references to several other passages that might open up other ways of thinking about remembering.

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