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RS/MP Chapter 2: Our Savior, Jesus Christ (Joseph Fielding Smith Manual)

Posted by kirkcaudle on January 16, 2014


Find the link to the entire lesson here.

For my notes this month I will be dealing with section #4, “We All Should Pattern our Lives after the Life of Jesus Christ.” Following each block quote I will provide some brief commentary. Read the rest of this entry »

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Being “A Daughter of God” – YW Lesson 1, Manual 1

Posted by KS on December 30, 2011

(Note: these posts are now being cross-posted at Beginnings New and the Feast Upon the Word Blog.)

Though I won’t dwell on the lesson outline, I do wonder about one of its suggestions: the girls are asked to list qualities of earthly fathers and then to apply that to our Heavenly Father. I wonder why is it that we want to project our experiences/opinions onto the scriptures? (I bring this up because I imagine there are going to be some young women with negative or strained feelings towards their own parents that could negatively affect the way they envision God.) Might we instead look to the scriptures first to see what God is like, and then change our understanding of fathers and daughters from that? In this post I will explore two passages that came to my mind: (1) D&C 25, the revelation to “Emma, my daughter,” and (2) Alma 33, where the Zoramites’ misunderstanding of prayer is overcome.

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