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RS/MP Chapter 12: Tithing, a Law for Our Protection and Advancement (Lorenzo Snow Manual)

Posted by kirkcaudle on June 13, 2013

For this weeks lesson I will be dealing exclusively with the “additional scriptures” listed in the back of the manual. However, before I get to my notes I wanted to quote the following, “Be careful not to end good discussions too soon in an attempt to present all the material you have prepared. Although it is important to cover the material, it is more important to help learners feel the influence of the Spirit, resolve their questions, increase their understanding of the gospel, and deepen their commitment to keep the commandments” (Teaching, No Greater Call, 64). If more teachers would heed this council I believe that we would all (teacher and students) would be the better for it. My hope is always that these notes will not only spur such good discussions during class, but also afterward and into the week.

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