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The Four Horses and Seven Seals of Revelation

Posted by janetlisonbee on November 19, 2008

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The Book of Revelation has been a book hard to understand, with all of its symbolism, especially in regards to future events. The revelation given to John, however, is much clearer if we look at it in relationship to the future roles of Jesus Christ.

The Jews were expecting a Messiah that would save them from their enemies. Hence, many did not recognize Jesus Christ as the promised Messiah, when he preached such doctrines as “love thy enemy…do good to those who hate you…forgive seventy times seventy,” and rode on a lowly donkey during His triumphal entry into Jerusalem.

When Christ returns again to the earth, however, He will, come as the all-powerful Messiah the Jews have been anticipating for many generations. He will be coming, not on a lowly donkey, but as the Conquering Warrior King, in full regalia upon a white horse, followed by the armies of heaven. [Revelation 19:11-16] The book of Revelation also reveals Christ’s role as the Righteous Judge of the nations and as the Avenger of innocent blood that has been spilt by the wicked from the beginning.

Richard D. Draper, author of the book, The Opening of the Seven Seals, wrote, “The first chapter of Revelation, indeed the first sentence, introduces the theme of the entire vision. It is the revelation of Jesus Christ. But the genitive form of the Greek verb can be taken two ways: either as the revelation the Lord gives, or as the revelation that unveils him. The first interpretation emphasizes the purpose of the vision, the second emphasizes the importance, the work, and the role of the Savior….that is, the revelation proclaims the mission, ministry, and importance of the Lord and Savior.” [pg. 25]

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