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Friends and Lost Hope

Posted by kirkcaudle on July 1, 2010

The theme of the blog this past month seems to be the role of God in death, dying, and killing. Therefore, I have had these (related) subjects on my mind for the past couple of weeks. I have also (like many of you out there) been reading Grant Hardy’s new book, Understanding The Book of Mormon.

While thinking on these subjects my mind turned to Mormon and Nephi. Both of these men failed to save the people they loved. They spent most of their lives crying repentance to a people who would not hear their words. However,  Mormon seemed to lose hope in his people a little faster than Nephi did, imo. Hardy states, “like Nephi, he [Moroni] hopes for their repentance but at some point recognizes that it will not come” (94).  This is a different message than I heard growing up in Sunday School.

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Does It Matter if the Scriptures are True?

Posted by kirkcaudle on January 6, 2010

In Jim’s post, “Why Reading the OT is Sometimes so Difficult,” he deals with the issue of “truth.” Jim says, most people already think they understand the term, “but when we talk about history, the meaning of the word ‘true’ becomes important.” For the sake of this post, I will define “truth” as historically accurate.

With this definition of truth in mind, how important is it to your faith that the scriptures are true? Or in other words, historically accurate? Or maybe how important (if at all) should it be? Read the rest of this entry »

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