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About the Feast blog

This blog is part of the Feast upon the Word site. The Feast site is a wiki devoted to creating commentary on the scriptures for the Church of Jesus Christ. This blog is companion to that wiki. The purpose of the blog is to facilitate broader discussion on Mormon scripture topics and topics in teaching.

We welcome guest posts, so if you would like to submit a post or request a post on a certain topic, or if you would like to contact the blog administrators for any other reason, please send email to: feastZZZblog@gmail.com (without the Z’s; currently, the site administrators are Matthew, Robert C., and Brian J.—we are the ones who deal with the technical issues like giving permission to post). Or, any of these issues can be discussed at the wiki where anyone can post anything—posting on the wiki is preferable because it is easier for the larger Feast community to see the request and there will most likely be a quicker response.

20 Responses to “About the Feast blog”

  1. DKL said

    I’ve got a plug-in that automatically converts scripture citations to links to the appropriate passage on scriptures.lds.org. The one that is out there on the internet is broken from when they changed the URL scheme of scriptures.lds.org several years back, and so I fixed it. Drop me an email if you think you’d find this useful.

  2. John said

    How does one go about locating email addresses on this site? I have yet to find a satisfactory way of contacting the site administrator without polluting the comment flow with unrelated parenthetical remarks.

    (Slightly steamed, but cooling.)

  3. John said

    (#1) Great idea. What happens if the citation is already linked?

  4. Matthew said

    Thanks John for your posts. As for my e-mail, I don’t post it online to avoid spam.
    But you can send me an e-mail by registering with the feast site here
    and then using this link
    to send the e-mail. I check that e-mail about once a day.

  5. The Ambassadors said

    Isn’t it awesome that more and more LDS members are having a blog?

  6. Janet Lisonbee said

    I am new to the site and would love to share some of the insights I have had on the scriptures over the past several years. Please tell me how to submit them. sincerely, Janet

  7. joespencer said

    Janet, if you would e-mail me at 9stokiejoe9@hotmail.com (but with the two 9’s), we can talk about it further. We would love to have you do something for the site!

  8. Janet Lisonbee said

    I have been exploring this site for a few days now and just want you all to know that this is wonderful! I am going to use it for my daily scripture study from now on. It is a wonderful resource for those who truly are seeking higher knowledge. I love your format and the ability it provides for all to share their thoughts and insights. Thanks so much for developing this wonderful site. I will recommend it to other “feasters”.

  9. RaNae Bradshaw said

    After reading through several blogs I’m wondering when and why the Primary stopped teaching the Articles of Faith.

  10. NathanG said

    Not sure what you mean by “teaching”, but I was recently the primary pianist in our ward and we “taught” all the articles of faith by song, one article each month (13 was kind of cheated). While I memorized the articles of faith in primary, I don’t think I was really “taught” the articles of faith.

  11. Mike McLaughlin said

    Thank you so much for the time and effort put into the Gospel Principle lessons this past year. Being a new called High Priest Group Instructor, I have found the information here rewarding in my lesson teaching.

    Is there any possibility that this will continue into 2012 with Teachings of Presidents of the Church: George Albert Smith?

    I hope so and thanks again for the excellent work.

    Mike M.

  12. Skippyn8 said

    Well done. I was recently called to a new Sunday School position and came across your site(s) while preparing to prepare. I love studying the scriptures but unfortunately let that desire slip significantly over the years. I’m grateful for callings and blogs like this that give you a shot of the Spirit to once again get you addicted to gospel study.

  13. Mike McLaughlin said

    I noticed that Chapter 17: “The Strengthening Power of Faith” seems to have been skipped from the list. I am teaching this lesson in a few weeks and was wondering if you will by chance be including it with the others?

  14. mkbbutto said

    when will your lesson on chapter 1 in the new manual for this year be ready to view? I’m hoping for some good thoughts to add to this lesson on Sunday.

  15. Will you have a lesson up on chapter 2 in the new manual for this Sunday? Your insights and thoughts are greatly appreciated as always.

  16. keds shoes said

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