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Want to read more at Feast?

Posted by KS on January 19, 2016

Activity has, noticeably, slowed at this site over the past year or so. I’m considering writing posts here again. I’d probably post on recent conference talks. If you’re reading now and would like to read more posts on this site, I’d appreciate if you’d comment below so I can get a feel for the audience here. Thanks!

39 Responses to “Want to read more at Feast?”

  1. Kim said

    Yes please

  2. Carvel Whiting said

    I have have found these posts helpful, and am interested if they are continued. I usually find a new idea or approach I had not thought about before.

  3. Robert C. said


  4. sandra said

    It’s definitely a good thing to be able to keep up with the Sunday school lessons. I, too, like to have different perspectives!!!

  5. Jace L. said

    I do miss the Sunday lessons.

  6. Kim Berkey said

    I’ll read anything you post, Karen. :)

  7. Sally said

    I rarely comment but I do enjoy the Sunday school lessons especially

  8. Brian-A said

    I’d love to read new posts.

  9. Rhonda C. said

    I enjoyed reading the RS/Priesthood lesson ideas and commentary (Teachings of the Presidents) and would love for it to start up again!

  10. Annie said

    Yes, I’d definitely start coming here again. Loved reading your ideas!

  11. overhulse said

    Keep me on the list, please.

  12. OregonMum said

    I follow through Feedly. I enjoy it because I’m in primary.

  13. MH said

    I’ve loved what I’ve read on here and would gladly read more.

  14. Seth R. said

    I’ve been routinely searching through the archives of this site for material to use in my own lessons in Gospel Essentials and Gospel Doctrine, and Elders Quorum.

    Yes – please do keep adding content. I find this site to be a very useful resource – even with less activity.

  15. Steve said

    Yes, yes and yes!

  16. Grandpa Van said

    Y E S !

  17. RobF said

    I’ve thought about posting more too. Might be good to come up with a plan.

  18. CatrinaC. said

    Yes, Please keep posting. I enjoy reading and learning from here.

  19. B said

    I’m following the General Conf Odyssey on several blogs and would love to read your take, but if you’d just be writing about current talks, that’s great, too! And lesson insights.

  20. Edson Barboza said

    Hi. I’m from Brazil and I like so much this site that I’ve one filter in my gmail that informe about new posts! So, please keep posting!!! :))

  21. Allen Scatena said

    I to watch your site and others that are not active. I would benefit if i could refer to an active site.

  22. Karen said

    Great! Thank you for your responses. I’ll start cooking up a post.

  23. db Barnes said

    I have been slacking since I’ve been in Primary for the last couple of years. I’m in a ward now where we have 60 HPs and 12 Elders. I’m on the substitute lists for teaching everything — I’m sure I will be brushing up on my Bof M and RS lessons through Feast. I have loved the resources here and the various ideas for approaching lessons and I have learned A LOT. I would like to see it continue.

  24. Clint said

    I would love to see frequent posts on this site again. The posts and comments have been so insightful. I love reading through the old threads, but some new ones would be great!

  25. Yes please. Also I feel I am out of the loop. Where are people like James Faulconer and Joseph Spencer posting, blogging or publishing their latest ideas? James had the blog “Speaking Silence” for awhile but that stopped too.

    • Karen said

      Sorry for responding so late. (Computer troubles + lack of time hasn’t been a good combination!) I can only fill you in about Joe: he isn’t blogging anywhere right now, but he is publishing a fair bit in journals (BYU Studies, Religious Educator, Interpreter, Journal of Book of Mormon Studies), and his first book is about to be re-released (check Amazon on Tuesday!). He is one of the editors of the Journal of Book of Mormon Studies now and there have been a lot of good articles published recently. The Mormon Theology Seminar is doing well and some of their old books are being published again. I guess that’s been enough to keep Joe busy – plus getting a PhD & writing a dissertation took away a lot of his time – and no one’s quite talked him back into blogging again. I’m not sure about the rest…

  26. NathanG said

    I have thought of doing the same thing. I have had a lot of thoughts, and may use the blog to just put things in print and try to better organize my thoughts.

  27. Karen said

    I apologize that I haven’t followed through on my plan to blog more. Hopefully I’ll have more time in another month to invest in blogging again.

  28. kmjr said

    I love reading through the ideas for Gospel Doctrine Studies. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all of those who post for sharing their thoughts and insights. They help me organize and consider my own thoughts.

  29. Danielle M said

    I’m very interested. I use the resources on this blog quite often for both my personal studies and lesson preparation. I have noticed that lately (as often as not), I am getting a server error when I try to access the blog. Not sure if anyone else is having this problem, but over the past few weeks, the page has failed to open the majority of the time.

    • kmjr said

      I am, too. I thought maybe the link from ldsgospeldoctrine.net might be corrupted? I don’t really know how to address that…

      • kmjr said

        Actually, every attempt to link to the Gospel Doctrine Sunday school commentary on Feast doesn’t seem to work…

  30. Durinda said

    Thank you for your insights and comments. Keep them coming please

  31. Diana heder said

    Post please!

  32. Robert C. said

    Regarding broken links and site issues:

    (1) For me, this happens if I try to use the links on the left panel, but if I just enter a Google search term to access old lessons, I can find them and open them without a problem.

    (2) It’s an extremely busy time for me, and I think others who have been the main administrators and contributors to the blog over the years. I won’t be able to find time to work on fixing these issues until about the middle of the summer–but if someone is willing to spend some time trying to investigate and fix these issues, I can easily add that person (i.e., you!) as a site administrator. If you’re interested and willing, please say so here (or email me privately at rcouchZZZ@gmail.com without the ZZZs). Thanks in advance!

    • kmjr said

      Thanks for the info…I haven’t got the skills to do any fixing, but after hunting around some I found another way in. I appreciate the service you do by administrating here. The site is great!

  33. sylvia said

    Please do! I really enjoy your posts and they are a great resource for teaching RS.

  34. Valpal said

    Yes, please! Great Sunday School resource.

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