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RS/MP Chapter 24: Reflections on the Mission of Jesus Christ (Lorenzo Snow Manual)

Posted by kirkcaudle on December 13, 2013

For my notes this month I will tackle four of the questions posed in the “Suggestions for Studying and Teaching” section:

See the entire lesson here. 

 Ponder President Snow’s words about the experiences he had in the Holy Land (page 278). Why do you think his thoughts and reflections became “impressive and solemn” when he was there? In what ways can we develop similar feelings about the Savior, even without visiting the Holy Land?

I feel closer to places when I learn about them. Personally, I have never been to the Holy Land, but I have read books about it and I have read the Bible. When I read the Bible, especially the New Testament, it helps me gain a relationship to the places that Jesus walked. When we read about Jesus in the Bible we feel closer to him because we will start to know him better. This, I believe, prepares us to have an actual encounter with him.  “Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is” (2 John 3:2). Getting to know Jesus gets us closer to becoming like Jesus.

On page 279, President Snow shares “the secret of prosperity.” How does this secret work for us?

The following quote from the manual works well here, “Now, the peculiarity of His mission, and that which distinguished it from other missions, was this: He came not to seek the glory and honor of men, but to seek the honor and glory of His Father, and to accomplish the work of His Father who sent Him. Herein lay the secret of His prosperity; and herein lies the secret of the prosperity of every individual who works upon the same principle.” Everything that we do should be to build up others. When we build up others we are doing the will of the Father. If we are only seeking to build up ourselves then we are only doing what Satan did/is doing.

Read the section that begins on page 281. How does your testimony of Jesus Christ influence your life? Ponder different ways we can do our part to share the testimony of Jesus Christ with the world. For example, what can we do to share our testimony with our families? with those we serve as home teachers or visiting teachers? with our neighbors? with people we meet from day to day?

The better question here would be, how does my testimony of Jesus Christ not influence my life. I am not sure if there is a part of my life that is not influenced in one way or another by my testimony. The best way to share your testimony with others is to show them your testimony. Not everyone is ready to be baptized, and I am fine with that. My goal is not to baptize the world. My goal is to share the gospel with the world by showing the world that care. This comes by developing a sense of charity for those around you. “Charity is the pure love of Christ, and it endureth forever” (Moroni 7:47). If we show charity to others then we are sharing the gospel by default because we are necessarily exhibiting the love of Christ to our brothers and sisters. If charity endureth forever and we have that charity, then it stands to reason that we will also endureth forever. And what do we endure forever doing? Showing charity for others, whether or not they deserve it.

In what ways can we prepare ourselves for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ? (For some examples, see pages 282–83.) How can we help others prepare?

I like the following example from the manual, “If you are on a moving train of cars, as long as you sit still and occupy your seat that train will take you to the point you wish to go; but if you step off the cars it will be dangerous, and it may be a long time before another train will come along. It is the same with us—if we are living right, doing our work, we are going along, and if we are keeping our covenants, we are doing the work of God and accomplishing His purposes, and we will be prepared for the time when Jesus the Son of God will come in honor and glory, and will confer upon all those who prove faithful all the blessings that they anticipate, and a thousand times more.”

Assuming that we believe that we are on the right train, what we have to do is stay on that train. Although switching trains might ultimately get us to the same destination, many stops just turn out to be unnecessary detours on our journey. The other thing that we should do is enjoy the ride. Train rides can be tiresome, so bring along a friend, bring a good book, and study about all of the new places that you will go. When you see others waiting at the various train stops tell them where you are going, let them know about what you learned, and provide them with a map of where the train is going. Don’t be pushy about it, just be a genuine friend and reach out to those who are lost or to those who are just are down on their luck and need a little extra fare for boarding.

These are just a few of the thoughts that are running through my head tonight concerning the ministry of Jesus Christ. As always, I hope that they are helpful to someone out there.

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