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Comfort in Our Weakness

Posted by KS on July 23, 2013

(This is a repost from a post I did on another blog several months ago.)

“This morning I take great comfort in knowing that I am one of the truly weak things of the world.” – Elder Bednar

What an interesting statement. (I love it!) Why “take comfort” in knowing you are weak?

Because there seems to be a marvelous formula in the scriptures: When you are made aware of your weakness, and God’s greatness and God’s love for you, you have a chance to humble yourself (Ether 12:27), yield to the enticings of the Spirit (Mosiah 3:19), and suddenly find yourself being used to “confound the wise” (1 Cor 1:27) – even though you are still weak!

There is a comfort in admitting you are one of the weak things of the world. Well, there can  be. Admitting you are weak is only half way there. It comes when you realize that you are weak, and God loves you in that weak state, and what he’s asking for is not perfection, but your will. And your trust in him. The comfort comes when you truly believe that God will take it from there – and guess what? He can still use you in your weak state.  I think that it is a shame how we use Ether 12:27. God doesn’t promise Moroni that he will get better at writing (Moroni’s weakness). He promises that it doesn’t matter – and/or, his weakness is being used for a purpose. See, the weak writing in the Book of Mormon serves as a stumbling block to those without faith. But, to those who humble themselves, the “weak thing” that Mormon and Moroni have produced will become strong (Ether 12, 2 Nephi 3:21). Through faith, every “thing” can become strong. Every weak person can be used for a strong purpose. Or every weak lesson can become strong, through the Spirit that works on the students. And so on. What God is asking for is not perfection as we think of it. What he is asking is that we fully commit to doing whatever he asks, and then we let him take the steering wheel and watch miracles happen.

And so, there is comfort in knowing that I’m not in the driver’s seat. That I’m not in charge. That I can’t mess anything up, because he’s the one with the plans and powers, not me. God is stronger than the wicked, than the armies (1 Nephi 4:1), then why isn’t he stronger than me? Any weakness I have he is already able to work around, or through it. But what he really wants is to not just work around me, but through me, with me. When I yield myself to the Spirit, he can use me for so much more. Not because I am suddenly talented or gifted, but simply because I am willing to use my mind, time, and feelings for whatever work God gives me. I am still weak. But because I am weak, I am willing to listen. And because I am willing to listen, God will use me and teach me and bless me to feel the Spirit more and more. I think that is what consecration means – to be willing to listen, to yield, and to work. And it’s exciting to see what God will do with me. It’s the moment where I realize I don’t have to ask God to help me make sure I don’t mess up my work, and can actually ask God to let me help him in His work.

So there is great comfort in knowing that I am the weak one, because I know that God is the strong one.

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