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The Maxwell Institute Summer Seminar Symposium (July 11, 2013)

Posted by kirkcaudle on June 18, 2013

The Maxwell Institute Summer Seminar, co-sponsored by the Mormon Scholars Foundation and the Jack and Mary Lois Wheatley Institution, will be holding a public symposium on Thursday July 11th, 2013 at Brigham Young University, for all interested parties.

This years seminar has continued the series of seminars on Mormon culture begun in the summer of 1997. The seminar was conducted by Terryl Givens, Professor of Literature and Religion and James A. Bostwick Chair of English at the University of Richmond.

This particular seminar has continued a series begun three years ago on the history of Mormon thought. A principal evidence appealed to by early Mormon writers and missionaries, on which they based their claim to authoritative restoration, was the abundance of spiritual gifts manifest among believers in the church founded by Joseph Smith. Closely allied to these gifts was the Latter-day Saint claim to genuine priesthood authority. The participants of the seminar have studied how early Saints understood the workings of the spirit and spiritual gifts, and how those perceptions and manifestations have changed through Latter-day Saint history. They have also investigate the theology behind early Mormon exercise of the priesthood, their understanding of the role of ordinances in salvation, and how such understanding was shaped by and responded to Protestant notions of the sacraments.

The topic for this years seminar is, “Workings of the Spirit and Works of the Priesthood: Gifts and Ordinances in LDS Thought and Practice.” Therefore, presentations for this years symposium will largely revolve around this broad topic.

Morning Session

9:00 AM Welcome by Terry Givens

9:05 AM “God’s Power and the Problem of Chaos” -Matt Whitlock

9:35 AM “Web of Kin or Chain of Family: Theological Implications of Early Mormon Sealings to 1894” – Carl Cranney

10:05 AM “Ever Expanding Eternities: An Exploration into Early Mormon Ontology and Soteriology” – Jeremy Talmage

10:35 AM “A Flood of Light and An Abyss of Darkness: Mormons, Heathens, and Bringing Truth Home to Zion” – James Egan

11:05 AM “The Atonement and Justice in LDS Belief and Covenant” –Craig Rossell

11:35 AM “Authority and Law in Mormon Restorationism” – Mie Inouye

12:05 PM LUNCH

Afternoon Session

1:00 PM “Divine Authority and the Conditions of Salvation” –Ryan Davis

1:30 PM “’That ye may not be deceived’: Discerning of Spirits and the 1831 Priesthood Developments” – Jeremy Leatham

2:00 PM “Gifts and Boondoggles: Spiritual Praxis among Early Mormon Missionaries” – Kaitlyn Pieper

2:30 PM “Joseph Smith and the Gift of Translation: The Development of Spiritual Gifts during the Early Book of Mormon Translation Process (1828-1829)”  – Kirk Caudle

3:00 PM “Perverted by the most frantic enthusiasm:” The Embrace of Spiritual Gifts in early Mormonism” – Alan Clark

3:30 PM “The Blessing Female” – Helena Bushman

4:00 PM “Unveiling the Face of God” – Alex Struk


The symposium will be held at Brigham Young University in room B-092 in the Joseph F. Smith Building  from 9am-4pm. All are invited to attend and the event is free. 

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  2. cesc101 said

    Thank for this info.
    Will the proceedings of be online (at least those of us who won’t be able to attend)?

  3. kirkcaudle said

    I have not heard anything about them being on-line at this point. So I am guessing not. Some individuals might be willing to share their papers are the fact though.

    • cesc101 said

      thanks a great deal Kirk for your response. I’ll be sure to check back tomorrow, who knows, i might get lucky and catch a live-blogging or something…

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  7. Brian Kissell said

    So my wife and I are going to drive down to attend, and may look for a little hotel to stay at. Is there free parking for the conerence?

  8. kirkcaudle said

    As far as I know the visitor parking is free on campus if you park near the Art gallery.

  9. joespencer said

    Kirk is right. If you take campus drive to the Museum of Art, there’s free visitor parking.

    • joespencer said

      Note that there’s major road construction on the south part of campus drive. You have to get there by taking Bulldog Blvd into campus.

  10. kirkcaudle said

    Some of the papers for this conference are now published on-line with the Maxwell Institute.


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