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Life of Holiness: Reading Romans with Jim F.

Posted by Robert C. on February 22, 2013

A group of us have decided to jointly read and discuss Jim Faulconer’s recent book The Life of Holiness: Notes and Reflections on Romans 1, 5-8.

We plan to start with the introduction next week, and then proceed at a relatively slow pace—roughly 20 pages a week, and these are pretty short, easy-to-read pages. We’ll be starting next week, but that’s just the introduction which you can read later. So, you should have plenty of time to obtain a book and read along with us!

Below is the reading schedule. On the lds-herm listserv, we began organizing discussion leaders for several weeks. There are, however, still several weeks open—so if you would like to volunteer to lead the discussion for a week or two, please email me and let me know which weeks you could take: rcouchZZZ@gmail.com (but do not include the ZZZs).

Here is the schedule (the date represents the Monday of the week to begin the reading; we’ll try to get the posts up early in the week):

2/25: Overview (pp. 1-20) [-Robert C.]

3/4: Romans 1:1 (pp. 21-46) [-Kirk C.]
3/11: Romans 1:2 (pp. 47-68) [-Robert C.]
3/18: Romans 1:3-7 (pp. 69-88) [-David G.]
3/25: Romans 1:8-15 (pp. 89-110) [-Robert C.]

4/1: Romans 1:16-17 (pp. 111-138) [-Kirk C.]
4/8: Romans 1:18-23 (pp. 139-160) [-Joe S.]
4/15: Romans 1:24-32 (pp. 161-181) [-Alan G.]
4/22: Romans 2-4 (Transition); Romans 5:1-2 (pp. 182- 209) [-Cheryl M.]
4/29: Romans 5:3-11 (pp. 210-237) [-Joe S.]

5/6: Romans 5:12-14 (pp. 238-253) [-Alan G.]
5/13: Romans 5:15-21 (pp. 254-270) [-Robert C.]
5/20: Romans 6:1-3 (pp. 271-288) [-David G.]
5/27: Romans 6:4-11; Romans 6:12-14 (pp. 289-313) [-David G.]

6/3: Romans 6:15-23 (pp. 314-334) [-Alan G.]
6/10: Romans 7:1-6; Romans 7:7-12 (pp. 335-358) [skipped]
6/17: Romans 7:13-25 (pp. 359-376) [-Joe S.]
6/24: Romans 8:1-11 (pp. 377-393) [-Robert C.]

7/1: Romans 8:12-17; Romans 8:18-25 (pp. 394-420) [-Joe S.]
7/8: Romans 8:26-30 (pp. 421-437) [-Robert C.]
7/15: Romans 8:31-39 (pp. 438-454) [-Robert C.]


Note: Every few weeks or so, we’ll try to publish links to the discussions here. So, this page will effectively serve as an index for all of the discussions.

13 Responses to “Life of Holiness: Reading Romans with Jim F.”

  1. cherylem said

    Robert, to duplicate an email I sent to lds-herm, is the discussion going to be here or there? And I can lead the discussion on April 22 and June 10.


  2. kirkcaudle said

    Robert when are we supposed to post our notes? Are we posting them on the date listed or just sometime during that week?

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  5. joespencer said

    If this schedule is still accurate, Robert, sign me up for 6/17: Romans 7:13-25 (pp. 359-376) as well. The more I get a sense for where this book is going, the more I think that’s going to be its centerpiece, and I’d be more than happy to write the post for that week.

  6. Maxine said

    Good day! Where did you download design of this blog?
    It’s pretty amazing :)

  7. kirkcaudle said

    My notes for this week (4/1) will be up no later than Friday.

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