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Conference of Interest: Mormons and Methodists

Posted by joespencer on February 19, 2012

Next Friday and Saturday there will be a conference at Wesley Methodist Seminary in Washington, DC: “At the Crossroads, Again: Mormon and Methodist Encounters in the Nineteenth and Twenty-first Centuries.”

There is, of course, a web page for the conference, and there’s also a link at which the program will be streamed live.

If you’re in the area, come. If you’re not, tune in.

2 Responses to “Conference of Interest: Mormons and Methodists”

  1. With so many Methodist friends, I think this will be very interesting and informative. So important to find our common ground in the tumultuous times.

  2. Ben S said

    I’ll be in town on Saturday, but will miss most of the conference, I’m afraid.

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