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Navigation — need suggestions

Posted by Matthew on November 9, 2011

I recently got feedback that it is hard to find the right sunday school lesson. I think the best place to probably look is the sunday school index–but people don’t know to look there.

Our navigation isn’t that helpful. Before switching it up, I’d like some suggestions on how to make it easy. The goal I think should be to make it easy for someone who just shows up and is looking for lesson materials.

What suggestions do you have?

15 Responses to “Navigation — need suggestions”

  1. NathanG said

    Since the Sunday School and Priesthood Relief Society lessons are the most popular posts, maybe we should place links to the different Indexis at the top of the left hand side bar (above the current “categories”). The bold heading could be something like Gospel Doctrine or Lesson Commentary, or something (keeping it distinguished from the current Lesson links). Underneath it could be a link to each years index link (Book of Mormon, D&C, New Testament, etc). Is there a way to determine how many of the side bar links are actually used? I personally will us links to the Wiki and to log in under “Meta”, and not very much else. Do we need “Recent Posts?” Should archives be an expandable directory by year? If we put fewer links on the side bar, maybe it will be easier to find the lesson index links.

  2. Robert C. said

    I like Nathan’s suggestions. I agree the monthly archive links are not necessary, and that other unnecessary links should be removed to clean up the look and make things less busy….

  3. joespencer said

    What if we put a block alongside “Submit a Question” that says “Looking for a Lesson?” and which links to the index? And then we could rework the top of the index page a bit with a “Welcome to the Sunday School Lesson Index” and a few words of instruction about the index….

  4. Rameumptom said

    I agree that making such links more prominent is probably the best solution. More obscure links (archives, etc), should be on a “site link” page, where people can go to to find such. But our most popular areas need to be up front and available.

  5. Matthew said

    OK. I made some changes. Comments/additional thoughts welcome.

  6. kirkcaudle said

    Looks cleaner.

  7. NathanG said

    Nice. Thanks

    How hard is it to create an index page for the MP/RS lessons comparable to the Gospel Doctrine page? It seems it would be easier if hunting down an older lesson to have everything show up on one page rather than having to click through all the “previous entries” pages. On the other hand, someone can (and probably should) just type in the lesson they want through the search engine and quickly find it, so I’m not sure how essential an index page would be. There usually is just one set of lesson notes per lesson for MP/RS, so maybe there really isn’t the same need as for the gospel doctrine lessons.

  8. kirkcaudle said

    I agree with Nathan. Perhaps the MP/RS lessons could be listed similarly to how the Sunday School lessons are posted? When you click on the “Sunday School” tab under Lesson links you are brought to the wiki page. That page is very easy to navigate in finding what you are look for. However, when you click on “MP/RS” lessons it keeps you on this blog and you are forced to hit previous entries tons of times if you are looking for a lesson from months back.

    Either way, thanks for keeping up on this Matthew. Much appreciated by those of us that utilize this site.

  9. joespencer said

    I’m less inclined to bother with old RS/MP lessons, since they won’t be taught again… though the GP lessons might be worth indexing….

  10. kirkcaudle said


    I meant the RS/MP as in the GP lessons because that is what we taught the last two years. The GP lessons still get use because they are, and will continue to be, taught in Gospel Essentials every week. However, as for the old “Teaching of the Prophets” lessons, I agree.

  11. Matthew said

    Nathan, Kirk, It isn’t hard at all to have a page which lists out the RS/MP lessons similar to what is done with the gospel doctrine lessons. The difference though will be in how that list is kept up to date.

    When posting a RS/MP lesson one need only check the correct category on the right side to keep the current list of RS/MP lesson up to date. When posting a sunday school lesson someone needs to manually go to the wiki and add a link back to their just posted blog entry in order to keep that index up to date. Not that doing that is difficult but it does require some extra steps and someone to explain how to do it the first time. And we have had times where no one ends up updating the index which is a shame since it means that some people are coming to find lesson materials and those materials exist but they leave thinking they don’t because the index wasn’t manually updated in a timely manner.

    For gospel essentials, it does seem like it may make sense for someone to organize a page around the lesson materials since that information will be valuable even after it is no longer taught in RS/MP. Any volunteers? I’m happy to help get someone started. Just e-mail me. Or if you don’t know my e-mail address just comment here and I’ll get in touch with you.

  12. Jim F. said

    Matthew, your changes address my whine well. Thanks. I think people should more easily be able to find whatever lessons they are looking for now because the title says exactly that: “Lesson links.” Sticking it at the top of the column helped, too.

  13. Kim said

    Hi – I hope you don’t mind an outsider comment – I used to be able to go to the monthly archive links from four years ago and find the Sunday School lesson posts that related to this weeks lesson – and it was often helpful – but it seems as though with the new system only the current year’s posts are available. So to find the old posts I would have to scroll back through the blog to the right date – which would take a while. The month by month archives also made it easy to read back through old posts for general interest and have an idea of where I was up to. Perhaps there is a way to still do this that I don’t know about?

    Thanks, though, for the site – it’s a very helpful resource with interesting discussion.

  14. Matthew said

    Hi Kim,
    The month by month archive is still available but less visible. To get there look under the heading “other feast links” in the left bar of links for the link titled “more.” That will open a new page. Click on the 2nd link “Feast blog archive.” I think that is what you are looking for. Let me know if that’s not it.

    Also, fyi, the “sunday school” link under “Lesson Links” is meant to contain an index of all of the Sunday school lessons blog posts. However, you may be right that there are some you can get to using the archive that you don’t see on that list. That list is manually updated so there are times when some are missed. If you find a link like that and are willing to spend a minute updating the index, it would be much appreciated. Here is the link: https://feastuponthewordblog.org/2011/02/02/updating-the-sunday-school-index/

  15. Kim said

    Thanks Matthew – that has solved my problem – I tried adding a link too and it was easy. Good instructions.


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