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Feast wiki permissions change

Posted by Matthew on September 12, 2011

We’ve had some annoying spam on our wiki despite the measures already taken there to avoid it. To prevent the type of spam we have received recently I implemented the following tonight: only users with confirmed e-mail addresses can add new pages or upload files to the wiki. This includes user talk pages. I don’t like the idea that someone has to confirm their e-mail address just to tell us who they are. On the other hand confirming an e-mail address isn’t too hard. Feedback/alternative suggestions welcome.

Also, if anyone is willing, please take a minute and test the functionality and see if it is working as I outlined. Feel free to create a new user test account in the process. As always thanks for your help.

3 Responses to “Feast wiki permissions change”

  1. Mike B said

    I created a fake account and didn’t confirm the email, and I was able to post but only after answering a math problem. I was also able to post with my normal account without answering any math problems.

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