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New Testament Lesson 6 (KD): Luke 4:14-32,5,6:12-16; Matthew 10

Posted by Karl D. on February 4, 2011

Gospel Doctrine
Lesson: Luke 4:14-32,5,6:12-16; Matthew 10
Reading: Luke 4:14-32; 5; 6:12-16; Matthew 10

My apologies. I was hoping I would find some time this week to work on lesson 6 notes, but I failed. Consequently, I am posting my notes from 2007.

Lesson 6 Reading Notes (PDF)

I only a have PDF version this week because back in 2007 I wrote my notes in LaTeX (these days I write them in Emacs Org Mode and just export them to the desired format).

4 Responses to “New Testament Lesson 6 (KD): Luke 4:14-32,5,6:12-16; Matthew 10”

  1. mom of ten said

    I’ve been waiting for these, but I should have just checked the 2007 post.

    • Jim F. said

      I usually make some revisions to the 2007 lessons, but less than half the time are those revisions drastic. So whenever I’m behind I hope that people don’t hesitate to use the old versions. I haven’t checked to see how different Karl
      D’s 2007 and 2011 notes are from each other, but I bet that Karl D. feels much the same as I do.

    • Karl D. said


      I probably should have told you that there was a good chance I wouldn’t have time for revision this week, but it was a crazy week (grading midterms, syllabus for my new behavioral finance course a month over due – frankly, just glad I survived).

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