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D&C 42 conference report

Posted by Robert C. on September 16, 2010

We had a fantastic conference at SVU on D&C 42. Below are links to podcasts and news articles for each session.

We would like to especially thank the Richard L. Evans Chair—currently held by James Faulconer—for financial support, without which this conference would not have been possible.

Also, thanks to Southern Virginia University for hosting this conference. If you haven’t been to SVU, or don’t know about it’s goal and vision, I highly recommend checking it out. It’s setting in the Shenandoah valley is fantastically idyllic, and its liberal arts vision of a Mormon education is unique and wonderful (in this modern age of fragmentation and alienation, a liberal arts education is sorely needed, IMHO!).

Finally, thanks to the Mormon Theology Seminar for organizing the conference.

* Podcasts

* Session #1 news article: on law (Jeremiah John and Nathan Oman)

* Session #2 news article: on the poor (Russell Arben Fox and Robert Couch)

* Session #3 news article: on teaching, beauty and canon (Karen Spencer, Kristine Haglund and Joseph Spencer)

2 Responses to “D&C 42 conference report”

  1. Chris H. said

    Thanks! I have followed the Mormon Times articles. I look forward to listening to the podcasts.

  2. Chris H. said

    Russell using Erik Wright is awesome.

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