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A Conference on D&C 42

Posted by joespencer on September 2, 2010

See the linked-to poster for an upcoming conference on D&C 42 (in a week!). Speakers include Nate Oman, Kristine Haglund, Russell Arben Fox, Jeremiah John, Karen Spencer, and our own Robert C. and Joe Spencer.

The conference is being hosted by the Richard L. Evans Chair of Religious Understanding at BYU, the Mormon Theology Seminar, and Southern Virginia University.

Mormon Theology Seminar Poster

4 Responses to “A Conference on D&C 42”

  1. Robert C. said

    This conference is at SVU in Buena Vista, Virginia. If anyone’s in the area and can make it, please do (and come and introduce yourselves to us if we haven’t yet met in person!).

  2. Chris H. said

    It really looks great. I would come if I were closer.

  3. NathanG said

    Sounds fun and not super far from me. While you are enjoying the seminar I’ll be living it up in a testing center.

  4. Dan B. said

    I look forward to attending the entire day’s Seminar. Serendipity has me in North Carolina and Virginia that very week, just sightseeing with an ex-LDS cousin. Should be interesting!

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