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Towards a Thinking of Remnant Theology in the Book of Mormon

Posted by joespencer on February 5, 2010

As part of a larger research project, I’ve been doing some reading on remnant theology. (Allow me to recommend Gerhard Hasel’s The Remnant, so far as I can find the only full-length study of the theme, and he traces it only until the time of [First] Isaiah.) What first interested me in the theme was the employment of Micah by Christ in Third Nephi. Importantly, everything Christ quotes from Micah deals with the theme of the remnant. Arguably, the entire book of Micah is built around this theme: each of its several sections is structured around a discussion of the remnant. At any rate, in the work of sorting out what is at work in Micah on the remnant theology, I’ve been struck by how ridiculously present the theme of the remnant is throughout the Book of Mormon. My plan here is to begin to sort out something of what’s going on in the Book of Mormon with the question of the remnant—here in broad terms, and in a follow-up post starting into the detail by beginning, of course, with Nephi. Read the rest of this entry »

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