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New Online Scripture Study Tool

Posted by BrianJ on October 27, 2009

Two LDS bloggers recently announced a new online scripture study tool they named ScriptureLog:

ScriptureLog is an Open Source plugin for the popular WordPress blogging platform that allows you to take advantage of Open Source technologies and standards by turning WordPress into a platform for collaborative scripture study.

I haven’t had any time to test drive it so I can’t make any recommendations or describe how it might compliment (or not) other online tools—such as our own Feast Wiki—but I nevertheless wanted to let our readers know about this new resource. Hopefully you have great success using it and can report about it here!

One Response to “New Online Scripture Study Tool”

  1. danithew said

    If your blog is independently hosted (not a WordPress.com blog) you should be able to get it set up and activated pretty easily.

    Let me know if you need any help/assistance.

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