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Gospel Doctrine D&C Lesson 17: Tithing and Fasting

Posted by robf on May 31, 2009

Today I covered this lesson in our ward. We’ve all had dozens of lessons about tithing and fasting. But I think we soon found out that maybe we still have a lot more to learn! Read the rest of this entry »

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RS/MP Lesson 35: “Redemption for the Dead” (Joseph Smith Manual)

Posted by joespencer on May 31, 2009

I don’t want to say I was disappointed in this lesson, but I was disappointed—a bit—in this lesson. The topic excited me, and I was eager to get to work on it. But as it turns out, the entirety, more or less, is taken from a single periodical in the Times and Seasons that was likely written by W. W. Phelps (ghostwriting for Joseph Smith), not by the Prophet himself. And, of course, I recognize that that does not mean that (1) it is uninspired, (2) it is incorrect, or (3) that it is not necessarily representative in important ways of Joseph’s own thinking, I still find myself wondering what Joseph himself would have said, primarily because I find myself endlessly fascinated by Joseph’s logic, style of argumentation, approach to scriptures, etc.

All that said, my modus operandi for this lesson will be as follows. I will first offer a few comments on the first two paragraphs on page 405, since they came directly from Joseph, so far as we know. I will then offer a few comments on the remainder of the “Teachings” section of the lesson, interpreting the teachings in light of the two short paragraphs analyzed first. Finally, I will return to the “From the Life” section to draw on especially one moment there, which gives us Joseph more directly and intimately than anything else in the lesson. Read the rest of this entry »

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Take the Lane—Bold but not Overbearing

Posted by BrianJ on May 27, 2009

This is the last post in my Bike to Work series. I hope you enjoyed it as much as you enjoyed riding your bike to work!

A common mistake many cyclists make when biking on the road is to be so afraid of cars that they stay as far from them as possible. It’s easy to understand why: a bike weighs nothing compared to a car so-be-careful-or-you’ll-get-squashed. How could staying away from cars possibly be unsafe? Read the rest of this entry »

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Thus Saith the Lord: Thou Wilt Probably, Maybe, Most Likely…

Posted by BrianJ on May 24, 2009

There are a couple of discussions going on about open theism, Calvinism, and Mormonism right now. The two main ones I’m trying to follow (I’ve gotten behind*) are at New Cool Thang and Heart Issues for LDS. Geoff J is doing an outstanding job articulating concerns and answering questions I have on the subject, but there is one point that still bugs me and I didn’t find Geoff’s answers completely satisfying: the issue of prophecy and God’s foreknowledge. Read the rest of this entry »

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When Kindness Could Kill

Posted by BrianJ on May 20, 2009

Today’s installment of Bike to Work…

Toward the end of my bike commute home from work is an intersection I loathe. From the photo below (grabbed from Google Street View), you can see that the street I must cross goes up and down a hill (ignore the apparent curve to the street: it is an artifact of the “semi-panoramic” view). It’s sort of a four-lane road: there’s no parking along the curb, so whenever one car prepares to turn—whether left or right—the rest of the cars pass it in the “other lane.” With four “lanes,” there is no shoulder. The photos below were probably taken during the day when traffic is light; during rush hour—which is when the following story takes place—there would be 10-20 more cars in the picture. Traffic moves at ~35-45 mph. To the right—where the school bus is—is the crest of the hill, which falls steeply on the other side. There is no traffic signal. Read the rest of this entry »

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“Living on a Hill”

Posted by BrianJ on May 19, 2009

For today’s installment of my Bike to Work series, I’m linking to an excellent analogy posted by By Common Consent by Steve Evans.

Unfortunately, it looks like the original photo he mentions was removed, but you can go to Google Maps Street View to get a feel for this beast.

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The Only True and Living Wheel—errr, Church

Posted by BrianJ on May 14, 2009

The third installment in my Bike to Work series…

It’s been four days since my first post, so by now you’ve all taken time to true your wheels. And as your first wheel approached true, your mind undoubtedly dwelt on the word “true” and its meaning in the Lord’s pronouncement that the LDS Church is “the only true and living church upon the face of the whole earth” (D&C 1:30). Read the rest of this entry »

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The Right of Weigh

Posted by BrianJ on May 12, 2009

Continuing my Bike to Work series….

One of the most important things taught in driver’s ed is the concept of right of way, which motorist must yield while the other motorist drives on. But right of way isn’t just about who should yield, it’s also about who really needs to keep going, not stopping or even slowing down. If you have the right of way, yet still yield, you confuse other motorists, slow down traffic, and basically get on everyone’s nerves. Read the rest of this entry »

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Beatitudes and the Art of Bicycle Maintainence

Posted by BrianJ on May 10, 2009

Spring is here and so is bike to work month, so I decided to do a series of cycling-related/-inspired posts. Hopefully you’ll be spiritually edified—and physically motivated to get out and ride! Read the rest of this entry »

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