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BYU Event

Posted by douglashunter on March 4, 2009

Sorry to post about something not directly pertaining to a church lesson but there is an event at BYU next week that I wanted to let the Feasters who live in the area know about.  The event is called “Speaking Across Differences”  at the BYU law school, on Wednesday March 11th @ noon in Library Room 275/276. 

It consists of a screening of my short film The Constant Process about the life journey and theology of lesbian priest Susan Russell.  There will also be a discussion (with me) afterwards that I hope will address a number of topics: from the audience’s personal responses to Susan’s story , to the ethics of engaging the other, to personal responses to the ethical / theological dimensions of prop 8.

If you can, please attend, it’s an opportunity for thoughtful dialogue around challenging issues.

5 Responses to “BYU Event”

  1. Cherylem said

    Thanks for posting this, Douglas.

  2. joespencer said


    I wish I could be there for this. Is there any other way to be able to see the film?

  3. douglas Hunter said


    It may end up on TV later this year, but before that the next screening is at Sunstone West on 3/28.

  4. BrianJ said

    “Sorry to post about something not directly pertaining to a church lesson”

    If this is exactly the kind of lesson we need, then I don’t know what is. Thanks for posting. I can’t attend, but I will let my sister know.

  5. Robert C. said

    Bummer, I’m going to be out of town—please report back afterwards on the highlights, etc.

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