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BOM Lesson #40

Posted by Robert C. on November 2, 2008

Book of Mormon Lesson 40: 3 Nephi 16; 20-21

  • An interesting chiastic structuring of 3 Nephi 20-21 can be found here.
  • Jim F.’s notes from 4 years ago can be found here.

Please feel free to leave other comments about this lesson below. (Sorry we haven’t been posting threads for the lessons lately—things should be calming down a bit for me in the next week or two and I’ll start doing this more regularly again! Also, if anyone is able to leave a note of thanks to Grant who authored the post, please do since I wasn’t able to correctly “login” to thank Grant myself….)

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  1. Robert C. said

    (Karl D. sent me his notes to lesson 39 a while ago, but I forgot to post a link—but better late than never: http://ss.diether.org/?p=57 .)

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