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A Conference on Alma 32 at BYU

Posted by joespencer on August 11, 2008

For anyone who can make it to Provo in September, there is going to be a conference featuring three of our regular bloggers (Jim F., RobertC, and Joe Spencer). Everyone is invited, of course, to come, and we’d love to see notices of the conference spread around the bloggernacle a bit (so feel free to post the info on your own blog, etc.):

An Experiment on the Word: Reading Alma 32
A Collaborative Approach to Mormon Theology

Friday, September 19, 2008
HBLL Auditorium (first floor)

9 – Julie M. Smith – So Shall My Word Be: Reading Alma 32 through Isaiah 55
10 – James E. Faulconer – Desiring to Believe: Philo-Sophia and the Word of God
11 – Adam Miller – You Must Needs Say that the Word is Good
1 – Jenny Webb – It Is Well that Ye Are Cast Out: Alma 32 and Eden
2 – Joseph M. Spencer – Faith, Hope, and Charity: Alma and Joseph Smith
3 – Robert Couch – “No Cause to Believe”: Knowledge and Other Signs of Dormant Faith

Sponsored by the Richard L. Evans Chair of Religious Understanding and the Mormon Theology Seminar

This conference is the result of an online seminar in scriptural theology whose aim was to produce a focused, sustained, and collaborative reading of Alma 32. The seminar took place over the course of several months and its proceedings can be found in their entirety at alma32.wordpress.com.

For information about the broader project of which this seminar is a part, visit mormontheologyseminar.org.

12 Responses to “A Conference on Alma 32 at BYU”

  1. BrianJ said

    Joe, so sorry that I can’t be there, but good work!

  2. […] up by theme a bit more. First up this week saw both the Sunstone and FAIR conferences. We also got word of an upcoming Alma 32 conference. I’ll address conference posts […]

  3. Christopher Bradford (Grasshopper) said

    What is the start time?

  4. joespencer said

    9 am is the first paper (as outlined above: there are papers each hour from 9-12, a break for lunch, and then papers again from 1-4).

  5. joespencer said

    See a podcast discussion between Jim Faulconer, Adam Miller, and Joe Spencer about the conference: http://teachyediligently.mypodcast.com/2008/08/Regarding_an_Upcoming_Conference_on_Alma_32-132945.html

  6. BHodges said

    Good grief this is awesome. One of the coolest things I’ve seen this year on the Bloggernacle. Thank you very much.

  7. Lisa F. said

    I returned home yesterday from a trip to Utah. I was at the HBLL auditorium on Friday morning, but there was no conference. Did the conference occur? Just wondering…I had been looking forward to it.

  8. Robert C. said


    I’m really sorry we forgot to announce the change in location here—it was moved to JFSB 192. (There should’ve been a note in the HBLL. I’m not sure why this didn’t happen but, again, sorry!)

    We’ll hopefully be posting podcasts of the conference soon. Except for this little hiccup regarding the room, things went very, very well. Also, a print copy of the papers should eventually be available—we’ll keep you posted on what we hear from publishers….

  9. robf said

    Look forward to the podcasts!

  10. Joe Spencer said

    You can see streamed videos of the conference at templestudy.com, I’m told.

  11. BHodges said

    I am just now delving in. Thanks also for leaving up the preliminary notes on the other blog; it is a real treat to be able see more of the preliminary process of preparation.

  12. joespencer said

    Oh, wow! The podcasts have been up for a while. Here they are: http://mormontheologyseminar.mypodcast.com/

    We seem to have had some trouble with mypodcast.com. Hopefully it can be reached.

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