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Faith, Hope, and Charity

Posted by joespencer on August 9, 2008

While traveling during the past week, I recorded a series of six one-hour-long podcasts on faith, hope, and charity, during which I learned a great deal. I thought they might be of interest to some readers of this site, so I thought I’d make mention of them. I’ve begun posting them at teachyediligently (as of posting, I have only one up there, but I will post links to the individual podcasts in the comments as I get them up).


6 Responses to “Faith, Hope, and Charity”

  1. joespencer said

    The first installment: http://teachyediligently.mypodcast.com/2008/08/Faith_Hope_and_Charity_Part_1-131810.html

  2. joespencer said

    The second podcast: http://teachyediligently.mypodcast.com/2008/08/Faith_Hope_and_Charity_Part_2-131824.html

  3. joespencer said

    Number three: http://teachyediligently.mypodcast.com/2008/08/Faith_Hope_and_Charity_Part_3-131875.html

  4. joespencer said

    Number 4: http://teachyediligently.mypodcast.com/2008/08/Faith_Hope_and_Charity_Part_4-132025.html

  5. joespencer said

    Number 5: http://teachyediligently.mypodcast.com/2008/08/Faith_Hope_and_Charity_Part_5-132341.html

  6. joespencer said

    The last: http://teachyediligently.mypodcast.com/2008/08/Faith_Hope_and_Charity_Part_6-132359.html

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