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BOM #22

Posted by cherylem on June 22, 2008

Here are notes from Mack Stirling’s Institute class on these chapters.

Lesson 22: Alma 5-7
Next week: Alma 8-12

Alma the Younger, the Great Missionary
1. Alma converted after an appearance of an angel, about 100 BC
2. Alma chief judge 91-83 BC, resigns 83 BC to preach
3. Alma’s great missionary years 83-31 BC
• Zarahemla many repent Alma 5&6
• Gideon many righteous, Alma 7
• Melek many baptized, Alma 8
• Ammoniah Alma largely rejected, Alma 9-14, esp 12-13
• Sidom Church established, Alma 15
4. Alma contends with Korihor in Zarahemla, about 74 BC, Alma 30
5. Alma goes on a mission to Zoramites in Antionium, about 74 BC (Alma 34-35, esp 32, 34)
6. Alma blesses his sons, Alma 36-42
7. Alma disappears, probably translated, about 73 BC

Alma’s great discourse in Zarahemla: Alma 5

A. Introduction v. 1-5
Alma declares that he is preaching the word of God and states his authority

B. Remembering the effect of the Word of God on their fathers v. 6-9
Captivity ‡ deliverance from hell
Deep sleep ‡ awoke to God
Darkness ‡ light of everlasting word
Bands of death ‡ broken
Chains of hell ‡ loosed, souls expanded
Awaiting everlasting destruction ‡ saved

C. Conditions of salvation v. 10-13
1. believe in the word of God
2. mighty change of heart = born again (baptism v. 2)
3. trust in true and living God
4. faithful until the end

D. Have you been born again -or- Are you on the way to being cast out (v. 14-25)

Spiritually born of God Children of the devil
God’s image in countenance subject to the devil
Mighty change of heart
Able to exercise faith in redemption
Imagine God saying come unto me Imagine that you can lie to God and call
ye blessed evil righteous
Works of righteousness Guilty of all manner of wickedness
Look up to God with pure heart Look upon God with guilt and remorse
and clean hands
Garments washed white in Christ’s Garments stained by one’s sins
Sit down in Kingdom of God Cast out

E. If you have been born again are you still spiritually alive (v. 26-32)
Walked blameless before God = Retain remission of sins
= Justification
Humble, garments washed white, stripped of pride, stripped of envy, repenting of all
sins = Sanctification

F. Reminder of the Probationary Period (v. 33-36)
also see Jacob 6:5-6 and Mosiah 16:12, and 2 Nephi 28:32
v. 34 How do we come unto Christ?
What is/are the breat and water of life? John 4:10, 14, John 6:47-51, 63

G. Fold of the Good Shepherd vs. Fold of the Devil (v. 37-42)
John 10: 14-15, 27-28
Mosiah 8:21; Mosiah 14:5-6
• Child of the evil (v. 41) See John 8:42-44
• V. 38 what is the voice of God?
Who hearkens to the voice of God? Mosiah 15:11
• Death as wages of sin from Satan Romans 6:23

H. Alma reiterates his authority and his testimony (v. 43-52)
• Hear me. V. 43 What does this mean?
• Called to speak (repentance) after the Holy Order of God.
v. 44, 49-51, 61 ‡ See D&C 18:14-18
• Alma knows personally of Christ by revelation v. 44-48
• V. 52 Mlan as a tree to bring forth fruit Psalm 1:1-3; D&C 97:7-9

I. Concluding remarks (v. 53-62)
v. 54 true members of the church walk after the Holy Order of God, having been
sanctified by the Holy Spirit
v. 58 Names of righteous written in book of life. (compare Mosiah 5:12)
inheritance at right hand (compare Mosiah 5:8-10, 15:21-24; D&C 19:5

Some thoughts to draw from chapters 5-7, etc.

Aspects of the Plan of Salvation:
• Absolute importance of being born again and receiving a remission of sins: Mosiah 27:25-26; Alma 7:14-16
• Retaining a remission of sins
Alma 4:13-14 looked forward to day of Christ with humility and imparting of substance to
the poor
Alma 7:3 continue supplicating for grace -> blameless
Alma 7:22 walk blameless before God, after the Holy Order of God after which ye
have been received see also Alma 4:20
• Walking in the Path
Alma 7:19 you are in the path of righteousness which leads to the kingdom of God
Alma 7:24 faith, hope, and charity ‡ abound in good works.
How do we produce good works?
Alma 5:54 humble ‡ sanctified by the Holy Spirit
Alma 7:21 Unclean cannot be received into the Kingdom of God
What/when is the “last day?”

Insights into the nature of the Atonement and Christ’s power of salvation
• Alma 7:10-13
Christ to suffer pain/affliction/temptation of every kind/death
Takes upon himself the sickness of his people and the sins of his people
‡ Christ filled with mercy
‡ Christ able to succor his people
‡ Christ able to blot out their transgressions
• Mosiah 14:10-11 by his knowledge shall my righteous servant justify many
• See also Hebrews 2:18, 4:15, 5:8-9

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  2. cherylem said

    Thanks Michele. The format doesn’t cut and paste so well, making the notes hard to read, I think. But still, I’m glad you found them helpful.

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