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More online study resources (annotated)

Posted by Robert C. on June 7, 2008

[Gregorio has kindly written in again with some helpful links and comments about other online scripture study resources. Thanks Gregorio!]

I have downloaded hundreds of Biblical PDF files from the resources that follow below. These include Hebrew and Greek lexicons, grammars, a large number of commentaries, including some that are quite rare, historical books, and so on. I believe that the words the Lord gave the Prophet Joseph Smith about the Apocrypha may well be applied to these books:

There are many things contained therein that are true … There are many things contained therein that are not true, which are interpolations by the hands of men … Therefore, whoso readeth it, let him understand, for the Spirit manifesteth truth … And whoso is enlightened by the Spirit shall obtain benefit therefrom. (D&C 91: 1-5)

1. Google books. http://books.google.com/ You may install an icon on your browser to find these books. May I suggest that as soon as you get into Google books, that you go to “advanced book search” and click “full view only” rather than “all books.” Try such words as commentary, Isaiah, lexicon, Hebrew, and you will be amazed.

2. Internet Archive Search. http://www.archive.org/ This is a formidable archive of books as well as audio and other resources. You can carry out similar type searches as those above. You will not be disappointed with the hundreds of excellent books that are available. Here is a sample search on Biblical related books, for which I provide a tiny URL rather than the longer URL, http://tinyurl.com/6e8gcc

3. Christian Classics Ethereal Library. http://www.ccel.org/ This is a much smaller scale library than either of the two above, but you will find some of the same books in a different format which may be valuable, as well as some books of interest.

4. Holy Scriptures.
Other resources. I have collected some low cost or free software of interest in the following URL. These include programs for listening to the Hebrew Scriptures, reading multiple versions of the Scriptures with commentaries and lexicons hooked up to them, and much more. http://pages.sbcglobal.net/bielikov/HolyScriptures/

Gregorio Billikopf

7 Responses to “More online study resources (annotated)”

  1. Robert C. said

    Can someone check the links in #2 above (the http://www.archive.com links)—I’m in my office at BYU and the site is blocked here, so I’m not sure if the links work.

  2. Robert,

    Many thanks. It works very well. I checked out the links and they all work as they should. For instance, I did a search using the second link, for Isaiah and Texts (as compared to audio, etc.) and it yielded a great number of excellent references and commentaries, including those of Alexander, Delitzsch, and many others.


    Same link using tiny URL = http://tinyurl.com/5nj3hy

    Try other possibilities, such as lexicons, Hebrew, Bible, and you will once again obtain hundreds of interesting titles. You can browse through them before downloading them, by using the “Flip Book” option.



  3. JWL said

    My favorite is http://www.blueletterbible.org. It has the entire text of the Bible in all the major translations and the entire text in the original languages cross-linked to Strong’s online as well (it even links verses to relevant hymns). The commentary tends to be very conservative evangelical Protestant and isn’t that useful, but I found all of these other features in a good, searchable format to be very helpful when I was teaching Old and New Testament.

  4. […] readings of LDS scripture. One recent post there folks might find interesting is their list of online study references. They also had a post about Isaiah commentaries and study aids. But of course there are always […]

  5. joespencer said

    [From Gregorio, whose comment was eaten by the spam bot:]

    My favorite software of the type, very similar to the Blue Letter Bible which I have also used, is e-Sword, http://www.e-sword.net/

    It also links Stong’s numbers with Hebrew and Greek Lexicons. One can download different versions of the Bible in a number of languages, as well as various commentaries.

  6. I recently launched http://www.dearscriptures.com to provide a place where people can read, listen, highlight, underline, add notes and share with their friends and family.
    I would love for you to review it and add it to your list if you feel it is helpful.

  7. Robert C. said

    Steve, thanks for the heads up. This looks like a very nice site, and a kind of complement to the Feast project in that it is a nice place to record personal thoughts and comments, to be shared with a few select friends (rather than the more “universal” way in which the Feast wiki effectively forces one to share thoughts/comments).

    It wasn’t obvious to me how highlights and notes are to be shared with friends. I’m guessing once you add a friend that all of your notes are viewable by any of your friends. If this is (or is not) the case, I think it’d be helpful to explain this somewhere explicitly (or, if it’s already explained somewhere, making that explanation a bit easier to find).

    Thanks again.

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