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The Alma 32 Seminar Is Under Way

Posted by joespencer on June 2, 2008

For those who might be interested in following the discussions there, the Alma 32 seminar (part of the same umbrella project as the Reading Abraham seminar of last year) is officially under way (the first post was put up yesterday). It seems worth mentioning here because (1) it will entail, in the end, a sustained, detailed study of Alma 32 over the course of six weeks; (2) it will hopefully be an example of good, serious scripture study; and (3) a number of folks from the feast project are involved (JennyW, Jim F, Robert C, and Joe Spencer, who are all regulars here, are on the project, and the other two participants, Adam Miller and Julie Smith, have commented here on occasion—and everyone knows Julie from T&S I imagine). Anyway, the link:


The first two weeks of the project will be dedicated to Alma 30-31, 33-34 in order to establish a context, and then the seminar will proceed through chapter 32 in great detail. Comments at the Alma 32 seminar’s blog are limited, of course, to the six participants, but I would encourage anyone who has anything to say to post their thoughts here, as they would be appreciated by the participants, and as they might be able to spark some good discussion here.


5 Responses to “The Alma 32 Seminar Is Under Way”

  1. robf said

    Is anyone in this group going to dig into the Mesoamerican heart/tree connections?

  2. robf said

    Also, it strikes me that the reference to Korihor being trodden down until he was dead may be a reference to human sacrifice. In many ancient societies, especially in Mesoamerica, we see images of captives being stepped on by their captors, before they are sacrificed. The thought of Korihor being captured and then sacrificed in some sort of ritual perhaps makes more sense than the image of Korihor run down, as if by British soccer fans!

    At any rate, interesting to tie Korihor into the discussion of the Zoramite faith.

    Another thing I was wondering last week. Might the Zoramites be followers of Zoram the Nephite warrior mentioned in Alma 16:5-7? Why else might we have been given the names of those four warriors in Alma 16, if we are never to hear of them again?

  3. joespencer said

    Rob, I was hinting at something similar about Korihor’s death with my mention of Girardian collective violence. Similar, not equivalent: I see a real act of violence that leads to an imaginary/idolatrous ritualism rather than an imitative act of sacrifice here. But I think there is interpretive room for both positions…

    And I think there is also good reason to connect the Zoramites to the earlier Zoram figure (I have in fact generally taken this for granted).

  4. Jacob J said

    I just want to get it on the record: faith is not like a little seed.

  5. robf said

    Jacob, don’t tell my primary kids that!

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