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An Appeal for the Wiki

Posted by Jim F. on May 19, 2008

The blog portion of Feast Upon the Word is going nicely. We seem to have plenty of materials posted for various Sunday School and Priesthood/Relief Society lessons, and they keep coming (even if there are sometimes slow downs).

However, there is insufficient activity on the wiki part of this site, though that is arguably the most important part of Feast. Our lesson materials on the blog are not as easily usable for those doing scripture study as are materials posted on the wiki. On the wiki a person can search for relevant material by going directly to the scriptural passage. On the blog that person must search through all of the various lessons materials we have produced.

Were we, over time, to continually add to the questions and comments on the wiki, we would have created a valuable resource for any Latter-day Saint wanting to do scripture study. However, without editing and contributions from lots of people, the wiki is likely not to be representative of what Latter-day Saints as a whole understand. It may well take on the color of some small subset of us.

So, I’m appealing to anyone who is using the materials on the blog: Please go to the wiki and contribute to it. Doing so is not difficult, though it may take a time or two to get used to the conventions for posting things. There is plenty of tutorial help, and Matthew, Robert C, and others are always willing to help when a person gets stuck.

And, if you decide to contribute to the wiki, please also register as a user. You can make contributions without doing so, but registering makes it easier for others who are contributing to have the conversations that are sometimes needed.

I’ve decided to devote part of my scripture time for the next while to posting questions and other material on the wiki. Please join me.

10 Responses to “An Appeal for the Wiki”

  1. Clark said

    It’s been on my to do list. But then so too has been contributing here: and I’m just so far behind that I always say, “I’ll post when I catch up.” Now that I’m in the EQ presidency I really have to do better of studying my scriptures and not just reading. So I’ll make a goal to contribute on Sundays.

  2. Jim F. said

    Excellent, Clark! Thanks.

  3. robf said

    My own wikiing had slowed down quite a bit this past year, but I will commit to doing a little bit every day that I’m near a computer for the next month to get myself going on it again. Thanks for the nudge, Jim.

  4. joespencer said

    Thanks for getting this post up, Jim. As a major part of that “small subset,” and perhaps as the most non-standard among that “small subset,” let me say “Amen” to Jim’s nudge: please come and contribute, edit, add to, comment, and discuss.

  5. Jim F. said

    Robf, thanks, and Joe, thanks for all the work you’ve already done.

  6. Ben said

    I believe I have contributed some minor bits in the past, but I can’t find log-in information anywhere in my email accounts. Is there a way to reclaim that info?

  7. Matthew said

    Let me know if this works.

    Find your login name on this page: http://feastupontheword.org/Special:Listusers

    Then put in exactly that name (i.e case-sensitive and all that) on this page:

    Since you don’t know your password, leave that field blank and click the link e-mail password. That should work.

    If you didn’t setup an e-mail account when you setup your feast wiki account send me your username by e-mail (my first name dot my last name at gmail) and I can fix it for your. Thanks, Matthew Faulconer

  8. robf said

    Just a quick thought…what have we really done to market the wiki? I think we’ve just let it kind of go on its own for the last three years, and perhaps its time to more actively recruit some users?

  9. Joe Spencer said

    I think that’s a very good idea, Rob. There is, of course, always the ‘naccle, but I’m not convinced that those participating heavily in the ‘naccle are generally the sort of people to get involved with the wiki. Where do we look?

  10. JennyW said

    Jim, I don’t know why I had never thought to create an account for the wiki and help, but your post caught my attention. For any who are wondering, it was very simple, smooth, and intuitive both to create an account and to add something to the wiki. Thanks to all who have put in the work to make this so accessible.

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