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Book of Mormon Lesson #7

Posted by cherylem on February 17, 2008

Attached are my notes for Lesson #7:

BOM #7 handout

Also, here is a link for some useful information regarding Joseph of Egypt.

3 Responses to “Book of Mormon Lesson #7”

  1. carolineb said

    thank you sooo much for your wonderful insights. I used your stuff in part to make my own handout. In our class I’m trying to have us learn to see scriptures in 5 “layers” so as they are reading scriptures, now and in the future, they can begin the habit of thinking deeper. Anyway- I used your stuff-especially the patterns you looked at for my layer 3–the pattern of exile and return, the pattern of separation, as well as the “pattern of a prophet which is self reflection and prayer, and the pattern of happiness, which is interwoven through ch. 4 and 5. I’m trying to get across the idea to them that seeing patterns is a way we begin to see the workings of God, and thus his personality. If you’d like, I can email you my handout, so you can see how you helped my ward in myrtle beach!! Anyway- THANK you for your thoughts–I can’t wait to see what you come up with for lesson 8!!

  2. cherylem said

    Hi Caroline. Thanks for your lovely comments – I am always happy, as is everyone else here who posts – when the lesson material is useful to others.

    We had ward conference today which I missed (sick) and therefore haven’t done my notes yet to lesson 8. I hope to have them done EARLY this week and perhaps also lesson 9 . . . trying to keep up with the others!

    Please feel free to email your notes to me – I’d really be interested in your take on this material. Without the 9’s . . . m9c9g9u9ire.c@sbcglobal.net

  3. Great post

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