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A New LDS-HERM Reading Project: Paul Ricoeur

Posted by joespencer on February 12, 2008

My apologies for the extent—whatever it is—that this post is a distraction from the purposes of the site, but since the LDS-HERM blog project grew out of discussions here, it seems appropriate to me to mention that a new reading project will be beginning there shortly. We have worked through Girard’s The Scapegoat and are now planning to begin reading Paul Ricoeur’s Memory, History, Forgetting. Below is the tentative schedule for reading and posting there. Please ask any questions at all about the project, and I (we) do hope that others become interested and join the discussion there. The site for the LDS-HERM blog can be found here.

The schedule below is, as it says, somewhat tentative. If there are reasons to make adjustments, we will be glad to do so. As of now, it looks like I myself will be doing the weekly posts. If anyone else would like to lead discussions along the way, please let me know.

Tentative Schedule

February 15th, Introductory: Of Ricoeur

February 22nd, Part I, Chapter 1: “Memory and Imagination” (pp. 1-55)

February 29th, Part I, Chapter 2: “The Exercise of Memory: Uses and Abuses” (pp. 56-92)

March 7th, Part I, Chapter 3: “Personal Memory, Collective Memory” (pp. 93-132)

March 14th, Part II, Chapter 1: “The Documentary Phase: Archived Memory” (pp. 133-181)

March 21st, Part II, Chapter 2: “Explanation/Understanding” (pp. 182-233)

March 28th, Part II, Chapter 3: “The Historian’s Representation” (pp. 234-280)

April 4th, Part III, Chapter 1: “The Critical Philosophy of History” (pp. 281-342)

April 11th, Part III, Chapter 2: “History and Time” (pp. 343-411)

April 18th, Part III, Chapter 3: “Forgetting” (pp. 412-456)

April 25th, Epilogue: “Difficulty Forgiveness” (pp. 457-506)

4 Responses to “A New LDS-HERM Reading Project: Paul Ricoeur”

  1. Robert C. said

    Of course I’m in.

    If others are interested in following the discussion, but don’t have time to actually read along or don’t know much about Ricoeur, I highly recommend David Pellauer’s Ricoeur: A Guide for the Perplexed. Pellauer is Ricoeur’s most frequent and trusted (I’m guessing) translator, and his book gives an excellent and concise overview of Ricoeur’s thought, including 16 pages summarizing the main points of Memory, History, Forgetting. I’d imagine that reading Pellauer’s discussion of the book would be enough background to follow (and hopefully join in on!) our discussions.

    Also, let me say that I think the themes discussed in this book, as in pretty much all of Ricoeur’s work, are very relevant to thinking about the process of reading and interpreting scripture and thinking about scriptural themes, esp. given the importance of the term remember (“memory” for Ricoeur) in the Book of Mormon.

    (P.S. I think we’ve suckered Jim F. into reading along with us, so hopefully he’ll keep us from misreading Ricoeur’s thought too badly, in case this is an additional incentive for others to follow along….)

  2. joespencer said

    We’ve had some requests to cut down the length of the weekly readings, so here is the tentatively revised schedule, for any wondering if they could handle the readings above:

    Tentative Schedule

    February 15th, Introductory: Of Ricoeur

    February 22nd: pp. 1-20

    February 29th: pp. 21-55

    March 7th: pp. 56-92

    March 14th: pp. 93-132

    March 21st: pp. 133-152

    March 28th: pp. 153-181

    April 4th: pp. 182-208

    April 11th: pp. 209-233

    April 18th: pp. 234-260

    April 25th: pp. 261-280

    May 2nd: pp. 281-304

    May 9th: pp. 305-342

    May 16th: pp. 343-381

    May 23rd: pp. 382-411

    May 30th: pp. 412-442

    June 6th: pp. 443-469

    June 13th: pp. 470-506

  3. Clark said

    Hopefully I’ll have time to contribute.

  4. joespencer said

    The introductory post is up: http://ldsherm.wordpress.com/2008/02/15/ricoeurs-memory-history-forgetting-introductory/

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