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Sunday School Index

Posted by Matthew on February 10, 2008

We have a new page which indexes the posts on the blog by Sunday School lesson number. The url is http://feastupontheword.org/Site:SS_lessons

On the same page you will find a link to the commentary on the wiki for the readings for each lesson. It just occurs to me that RobertC had asked me to add to that an easy way to get to related talk pages. A great idea but I forgot to do it. Oops!

For convenience I added the link to the new index page on our left nav.

Left Nav showing Sunday School Index page

Why an Index?

It can be a bit of a pain to find posts related to a particular lesson. The categories feature that is built into wordpress doesn’t quite present us the flexibility needed.

How is it maintained?

By you, if you are willing :). If you notice a post related to a Sunday School lesson that isn’t listed in the index, please add it. If you aren’t sure how to do that this help page may help or send me an e-mail: 9matthew.99faulconer999@gmail.com (remove nines).

I went through and added links for all of the Book of Mormon Sunday School lessons currently on the blog. Please correct any omissions you find.

Posters, you are in the best position to post links to your own posts as you are the first person to know when you publish it. It would be great if we were all in the habit of posting the link on the index page as soon as we publish a relevant post. Of course, it goes without saying, don’t let not wanting to post a link on the index keep you from posting your notes here.

All, feel free to add links to posts to relevant pages not hosted at Feast if you want.

Thanks everyone for the great posts, the comments and the help with the Feast wiki.


7 Responses to “Sunday School Index”

  1. cherylem said


  2. Naismith said

    Thanks so much!

  3. Michele Mitchell said

    This is very helpful Matthew. Here’s a high hope that you, Jim, or someone will continue to post links to Jim’s previous notes. Gratefully,

  4. Jim F. said

    Matthew, thanks for creating this. It is very helpful to have everything in one place

  5. nhilton said

    Thank you, Matthew, for this effort! I have been a bit uncomfortable even knowing how to “title” my post or even if you wanted it or not since I didn’t want to step on anyone’s toes or be presumptuous. Thank you for making it easier to find the lessons!

  6. Matthew said

    Michele, I’ve added links to my Dad’s Book of Mormon posts on that page as well. In addition, a link is included each week in one of the lesson notes for whatever lesson we are on.

    nhilton, Yes of course we want them. Your lesson notes are much appreciated. As for how to title them, I remember some discussion of this before but don’t remember where it ended up. If you’d like to open up that conversation again, I’m happy to have it. I think part of the need for a naming convention goes away if we keep the index up to date. Still it doesn’t hurt. It seems that today most everyone puts what book of scripture a lesson is on and what # the lesson is about.

  7. Jim F. said

    Nannette, let me second what Matthew says: Your contributions are valuable. I often have little to say in response, but I always learn from them. Please keep posting them.

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