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We Will Greatly Miss You, President Hinckley

Posted by joespencer on January 27, 2008

I love President Hinckley, and I will miss him and his powerful testimony. He concluded his third talk during this last conference with these remarkable words:

To you, this day, I affirm my witness of the calling of the Prophet Joseph, of his works, of the sealing of his testimony with his blood as a martyr to the eternal truth. Each of you can bear witness of the same thing. You and I are faced with the stark question of accepting the truth of the First Vision and that which followed it. On the question of its reality lies the very validity of this Church. If it is the truth, and I testify that it is, then the work in which we are engaged is the most important work on the earth.

I leave with you my testimony of the truth of these things, and I invoke the blessings of heaven upon you. May the windows of heaven be opened and blessings showered upon you as the Lord has promised. Never forget that this was His promise and that He has the power and the capacity to see that it is fulfilled. I so pray as I leave my blessing and love with you in the sacred name of our Redeemer, even the Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

At the conclusion of the conference, he warned us that we might soon be without him:

Now the conference is adjourned for six months. We look forward to seeing you again next April. I’m 97, but I hope I’m going to make it. May the blessings of heaven attend you in the meantime is our humble and sincere prayer in the name of our Redeemer, even the Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

Would we could have heard him again! But let him rejoice with his wife in the work to be done on the other side of the veil.


8 Responses to “We Will Greatly Miss You, President Hinckley”

  1. robf said

    Wow, not every day I get my news from FUTW blog.

  2. m&m said

    Lovely tribute. Thank you. He will indeed be greatly missed.

  3. nhilton said

    It was with mixed emotions that my family knelt in prayer for Pres. Hinkley as we received news of his passing just minutes after the fact. He has held a special place in our hearts. As a distant relative we felt especially close to him. As a role model, he was exemplary. As a leader, he made us stand up for something. He is the prophet of my children’s childhood. We are in awe of his legacy and thank God for him as our prophet.

    Additionally, we pray for those to whom the torch is passed.

  4. ama49 said

    I was lucky enough to have had a personal encounter with him as well as serve with his grandson on my mission. I have some experiences on my website:


  5. luis said

    Yo lo vi en Santiago de Chile y su influencia y recuerdo jamas los olvidare.
    él estaba en el estadio nacional y al ver un letrero de “Nike” nos dijo a todos…just do it! cuando hablaba de poner nuestra vida en orden.


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  7. anonymous said

    President Hinckley has done so much for so many. I honor him as a prophet, and friend. He specially loved the youth of the church. He has been a super optimistic in the face of some of the most troubling times this world has ever faced.

    I found a site honoring him, where anyone can go to and leave a message in tribute to his memory.

    The site is:

  8. heidi said

    we will miss him. i remember when i saw him on tv for the first time. how great was the spirit in me!

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