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For those interested in Helaman…

Posted by joespencer on January 22, 2008

Kim Matheson and myself (Joe Spencer, for those too lazy to look up above) are doing a series of podcasts on Helaman (ten to fifteen verses under discussion in each podcast) by way of preparation to collaborate on a commentary. I thought there might be some here interested in listening to the podcasts, and so I’ll shamelessly promote another of my projects here: http://helaman.mypodcast.com


3 Responses to “For those interested in Helaman…”

  1. Joe Spencer said

    I always forget to make things actually linked. Here it is: http://helaman.mypodcast.com

  2. Clark said

    You might wish to consider submitting this to iTunes.

  3. Clark said

    Whoops. You already had. My bad.

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