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Christmas special: Bible studies library for $400

Posted by Robert C. on December 18, 2007

If anyone’s been looking to make a (significant!) Christmas investment in their scripture library, here’s a very good deal to consider:

Logos is offering a truly remarkable library package for $400. See here. The reason I’m especially tempted is that this package includes 27 volumes of International Theological Commentaries which usually cost over $500 by themselves and—based on my, albeit limited, experience—is a tremendous and rather unique commentary series in that it explores the theological issues of the text, unlike most commentaries which stick more strictly to only historical and textual issues. Note, however, it only covers the Old Testament.

Also included is the 3-volume Exegetical Dictionary of the New Testament, which is worth another $140 or so. This seems to be more comprehensive then most lexicons, but a bit redundant if you already have the Theological Dictionary of the New Testament set.

There are many, many other titles included, many of which also look quite interesting, though many titles seemed geared toward Christian pastors and would probably be of less interest to Mormon students of scripture. Please, Santa, please, please, please?!?!

6 Responses to “Christmas special: Bible studies library for $400”

  1. Clark said

    Now if Yale would only offer more of the Anchor series electronically beyond the 5 volume dictionary. (Which is pretty pricey at $250)

  2. Jacob J said

    wow, that is tempting.

  3. Todd Wood said

    Robert, are you sending this to me as a Christmas present?

    At least tell Santa to come to my house, too.

  4. Steven B said

    You are right, much of the material will not be of much interest to LDS students. Too bad their Scholar’s Library: Silver isn’t on sale.

  5. Robert C. said

    Yeah, Clark, I’d love to see an electronic edition of the Anchor commentaries, or a sale on their Bible dictionary.

    Steven, I’m afraid you’re right. The International Theological Commentary series is really the only thing that makes it really tempting for me, but since these volumes can be typically be found for less than $10 (used, but incl. shipping), I think I’m going to pass (though I would really like to have electronic versions b/c I use TextAloud to convert the text to mp3 so I can listen while I commute, baby sit, walk, do chores, etc…).

  6. danithew said

    I’m just trying to find the right Hebrew Bible on cd or online. The mechon-mamre website has a lot of punctuation for some reason …

    I mention this because just this last week I was searching for Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia on a cd-rom and came across the Logos website.

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