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Merry Christmas, Feast Style

Posted by joespencer on December 17, 2007

I’ll apologize now for not having been able to write up posts on Revelation yesterday or today (there has been too much Work–not work, but Work–to do!). I will be putting up a final post on Revelation tomorrow before leaving town. But in the meanwhile, I thought I’d put up a link to the podcast of the Christmas fireside I delivered last night. I had a great deal of fun with it, and perhaps others will find it of interesting in one way or another. At bottom, it is a very Joe-esque reading of the Christmas story. You can listen to/download it here. Enjoy!

2 Responses to “Merry Christmas, Feast Style”

  1. document said


    I’m looking forward to listening to your podcast for the first time. Now that I have an office door I can listen while I work! I’ll see you in a few days, we’re looking forward to seeing you!


  2. robf said

    Hey Joe, due to our recent conversations about this here I had to chuckle at your assertion on the podcast that the scriptures, as broken symbols, aren’t enough without events such as angelic visitations to ground them! I think we’re much closer on this than might have been suspected just last week. Merry Christmas!

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