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Building Zion

Posted by robf on November 27, 2007

We read that “Zion cannot be built up unless it is by the principles of the law of the celestial kingdom” (D&C 105:5). On the other hand, according to the Encyclopedia of Mormonism, after Zion is established during the Millennium “the earth will be changed to a terrestrial state”. How is it that Zion can only be built up by the law of the celestial kingdom, but the resultant Millennial era will only be a terrestrial state? Or will a celestial Zion not be fully established during the Millennium? Do the Saints have to live a celestial law in order to usher in a terrestrial state for the rest? What am I missing here?

9 Responses to “Building Zion”

  1. Searching for peace said

    As I understand it, there will be both celestial and terrestrial people living on earth during the millenium. With the telestial people removed, the earth can move up to a terrestrial state. It couldn’t be a celestial state unless there are only celestial people living there.

  2. I think it is also interesting that J. Smith talked of mormons and non-mormons living in the millenium including non-christians. The council of 50 also included non-mormons.

    As to Zion, perhaps Zion will exist in the millennium but not consist of the whole world which will be terrestrial.

  3. Robert C. said

    Good question, robf. I haven’t thought about this too deeply, but one thought I’ve had before is that the Telestrial-level people will be destroyed and only Terrestrial-level people who are working toward a Celestial level of existence will remain.

  4. robf said

    So, is Zion only able to be established when the telestial folks are removed? Or is it something that we can attain even if there are telestial people around? Wouldn’t the Enoch tradition indicate that we should be able to do this without having to remove all the telestial people? So, does that mean the fault lies with us as Saints? That we aren’t living the celestial law? What is that celestial law, anyway? Just the law of consecration, or is there more involved?

  5. JKC said

    Maybe the Encyclopedia of Mormonism is wrong.

  6. I think we can have Zion when we want it, even now. Brigham was fond of saying that if we want Zion we have to build it not wait for it.

  7. Clark said

    I’d second the comments. The earth may be terrestrial but there will be (as now) individual pockets of celestial people. The City of Enoch being a great example of a Celestial city in a Telestial world.

  8. m&m said

    The City of Enoch being a great example of a Celestial city in a Telestial world.

    …that couldn’t stick around cuz they were too good…. :)

  9. Joe Spencer said

    There is something about the way this question is asked that doesn’t settle with me, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. I’ll have to do some thinking.

    I sure hope that the law implied is the law of consecration, since I gave a sacrament meeting talk last Sunday and said precisely that! :)

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