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New Testament Lesson 36: Romans

Posted by cherylem on October 14, 2007

Here are my notes for today’s lesson.

New Testament Lesson 36 Romans

I used the same technique I used last week: presenting Paul in different translations, silent reading of the text and then drawing comments regarding the text from the class. I will probably not do this next week, however, even though this worked well again today.

Raymond Brown says that “Romans is the most studied of the apostle’s writings – indisputably Paul’s theological chef d’euvre. . . From Augustine to Abelard, Luther and Calvin, to Barth this letter has played a major role in the development of theology. With only slight exaggeration one could claim that debates over the main ideas in Romans split Western Christianity [Roman/Orthodox].”

However, Brown says, if one is new to Paul, it is probably better to start with 1 Corinthians, which is more accessible.

So if you are teaching Romans, be prepared for advance study – and enjoy.

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