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NT Lesson #33 – Ye are the temple of God

Posted by cherylem on September 16, 2007

It has been too long since I’ve posted – the end of summer was disruptive, and while I have been back and teaching since the last of August, it has taken me this long to regain the rhythm of things. Hopefully I will be back to participation here and on the Girard site.

These are my notes on lesson #33 (and I know you’ve all probably taught this already). I’ve emphasized the first four chapters of 1st Corinthians and given some background information toward the end of the lesson.

NT Lesson 33 – Ye are the temple of God

3 Responses to “NT Lesson #33 – Ye are the temple of God”

  1. Matthew said

    cherylem, welcome back. Thanks for the notes.

  2. Jim F. said

    I echo Matthew. Welcome back and thanks for the, as usual, excellent notes.

  3. Cherylem said


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