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Lesson 26, The Atonement, part 2

Posted by cherylem on July 27, 2007

I confess that I am overwhelmed by this lesson. Specifically, I am overwhelmed by the magnitude of the lesson and the short time which we have to teach it: 45 minutes. I’m going to post the notes I have so far. If anyone wants to give me feedback, I’d appreciate it, because I still have time to change this before Sunday.

My outline for this lesson consists of a general introduction, some thoughts, and then, simply, the scriptures. It is not, in a perfect world, how I would teach this. But it is what I have come up with for a lesson that is less than an hour long. We will not even have time for all the scriptures either, but I will decide what to draw from on Sunday.

One of my goals is to present four distinct voices, four witnesses, of the trial and crucifixion, along with other scriptural witnesses from the OT and BOM.

Also, this lesson ties in with 25, where I laid out the scriptures explaining the need for the atonement pretty carefully, and I asked everyone to read these during this week.

Last, my comments owe a lot to Raymond Brown’s Death of the Messiah. Some of the material is direct quotes, or close to direct quotes. I haven’t yet decided how to credit him; I don’t want Raymond Brown to be a stumbling block for my class.

Here are my notes.
Lesson 26, The Atonement, part 2

4 Responses to “Lesson 26, The Atonement, part 2”

  1. Jim F. said

    As always, a magnificent lesson plan. Thank you.

  2. Kim M. said

    Cherylem, thank you so much for sharing your notes with us. I’m particularly intrigued by your question about what kind of testimony we’re supposed to have. I appreciate the time and thoughtful pondering you’ve put in to these–they’ve given me things to think about and ponder on myself. Thank you!

  3. Michele Mitchell said

    Thank you. You made me think of Moroni 9:25 in response to “what kind of testimony” and to connect His lifting up to our lifting up.

  4. cherylem said

    Thanks so much for your comments and feedback. Michele,I uses Moroni 9:25 as my closing today – thanks for bringing this to my attention.

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