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Lesson 25: The Atonement, Part 1

Posted by cherylem on July 21, 2007

This is the first of two lessons on the atonement.

For this lesson I followed the outline in the manual pretty closely. Of all the manual lessons so far this year, I found this one the best.

Here is the link to my lesson (I changed this somewhat from my first posting):

Lesson 25: The Atonement, Part 1

2 Responses to “Lesson 25: The Atonement, Part 1”

  1. Jim F. said

    Cherylem, thanks very much for these. Though I am not teaching Sunday School, they gave me a good deal on which to meditate this morning. Gathering these materials as you have and ordering them as you did is a real gift.

  2. cherylem said

    Thank you.

    Sometimes it is a delight just to get out of the way of the texts – let them speak for themselves.

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