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Lesson 21: What is the sign of thy coming?

Posted by cherylem on June 20, 2007

I’m not ready to post any notes yet . . . will do that later, but I did want to post this side-by-side comparison of Matthew 24 and Matthew 1 as found in the Pearl of Great Price. Interestingly, this comparison differs somewhat from that posted by Jim F here.

See my note to him here.

Here’s my side-by-side:
Matthew 24/JS1 side-by-side

3 Responses to “Lesson 21: What is the sign of thy coming?”

  1. brianj said

    Cheryl: Thanks for putting this up. I had begun working on my own version as well. Maybe I’ll post it too….

    But all of this begs the question: Why wasn’t the versing in JS-M set to match Matthew 24 in the first place?! It would have made all of this a lot easier. (Yes, I know it would make for some long verses, but I really don’t see that as a problem.)

    [By the way, I “cleaned up” some of the links in your post; I hope that’s okay.]

  2. nhilton said

    Cheryle, thanks for creating this for us!

  3. cherylem said

    Brianj: Thanks for the cleanup.

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