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JST Matt. 24, GD #21

Posted by nhilton on June 20, 2007

In case you are hungry for more “food for thought” in regard to this lesson, you’re invited to visit my post of lesson notes hereI’d love your input if you do visit.  I hope I’m not stepping on the toes of other lesson-note-posters on this blog and want them to know how much I love reading their notes & how they help me so much in the preparation of my own.

5 Responses to “JST Matt. 24, GD #21”

  1. cherylem said

    I loved these notes. Bravo!
    And it is really a delight to see our discussions weave their way into your notes . . . and questions you have asked here find a place in your teaching. (The same thing happens to me – so I really like that it is happening for you also).

    and . . . I also appreciated the McConkie quote. I’m going to use it myself.

  2. nhilton said

    Cheryle, as you’ll see from previous lesson notes on my blog, this is usually what happens: I prepare my lesson, I read Jim’s & your notes (& any others that have posted notes)& then I go back to my notes & make additions/changes & then I comment here…kind of on going. It’s always fun to see where we’re all thinking alike & where we diverge. :)

  3. cherylem said

    We are all MORE because of our association . . . much more than we would be by ourselves. I love it.

  4. brianj said

    nhilton: I really liked this question from your notes: “v. 39: What should the elect be watching for? What does it mean to be near or at the doors? What doors? Who is going to open these doors?”

    Specifically, the “Who is going to open these doors?” part.

    I don’t know, but I’d like to know. {smile}

  5. nhilton said

    Brianj, thanks for taking the time to wade through my notes all the way to that question! Kudos!

    Now that you’ve had some time to ponder the question: Who do YOU think is going to open those doors?

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