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John 11: Lesson 19

Posted by cherylem on June 3, 2007

This material covers John 11. The Luke sections of the lesson, including Luke 18: 9-14, will be covered separately.

As I mentioned in the other post on this lesson, I am grateful to Jim F for his notes, and I’ve made free with some of them here.

Here are my notes on John 11: John 11: Lesson 19

12 Responses to “John 11: Lesson 19”

  1. Jim F. said

    Cherylem: good stuff, as always. Making of Word document of your notes makes it possible for you to do things that, otherwise, can’t be done. I may have to follow your lead.

  2. cherylem said


    The best thing about linking to the word document is that this is fast – I don’t have to try to reconfigure the material to fit into a blog post. But linking to a word doc may also keep some people from reading it.

    Now if someone would just explain how to link to other comments on the blog like Robert did on Sunday School Lesson #18 – Servants of the Lord comment 41 . . .

  3. Robert C. said

    Cheryl, not sure if you’re serious, but here is an example of how to include a web link (using anchor tags)—feel free to practice here, traffic’s been slow lately. Oh, also, the link to a specific comment can be found by hovering over the blue-bold time for each comment. So, for example, you should see for your comment #2 the following web address when you hover over or click it: https://feastuponthewordblog.org/2007/06/03/john-11-lesson-19/#comment-4885. You can copy this address onto your clipboard by right-clicking and looking for the option to “copy shortcut” or “copy link location”.

  4. cherylem said


  5. Jim F. said

    Cheryl, thanks for asking about linking so that I can listen in to Robert’s instructions!

  6. Rebecca L said

    Ok, here’s my practice try at citing Jim’s lesson

  7. Rebecca L said

    Again, a little differently, since that didn’t seem to work:

  8. Rebecca L said

    # 6 looks like it should work, but doesn’t work for me. Any ideas? I put in open parentheses a href=”https://feastuponthewordblog.org/2007/06/01/sunday-school-lesson-20/”close parenthesJim’s lesson open parentheses /a close parentheses.

  9. cherylem said

    It didn’t work for me either, actually. I couldn’t get the link from putting my curser over the time . . . though when I clicked the time the address for the specific comment appeared in my address bar, which I can then cut and paste into a comment. Like this: https://feastuponthewordblog.org/2007/06/03/john-11-lesson-19/#comment-4885
    Again: Sunday School Lesson #21 nope.

    arg. I’m going to quit for tonight

  10. Rebecca L said

    Last try! here

  11. Rebecca L said

    Sorry I’m taking up all the traffic but that one worked so now I’ll try a scripture, since that is usually what I want to link to! Here’s John1:1

    Ok, if that worked, I didn’t include any spaces. Also, I saw the link in the lower left-hand corner of my screen and just pushed copy shortcut after I right-clicked.

    With fingers crossed!

  12. Robert C. said

    RebeccaL, congratulations on figuring it out (#8 looks like the correct format, though “less than” should be used instead of “open parentheses” and “greater than” instead of “close parentheses”). Sometimes I get comments and test scores back from my college students that make me feel like a hopeless teacher, so I treasure small successes like this (even if you did just follow the instructions on the site I linked to…)!

    cherylem, in #9 it looks like the address you typed in wasn’t complete, though it seems you have the right format. I’ll send you an email of what it should look like. Don’t give up!

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