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Mike Parker’s GD Notes and Handouts

Posted by Kevin Barney on January 7, 2007

Mike is a friend of mine and a GD teacher in California.  With his permission, I am sharing with you the url where you can find his notes and handouts for NT lessons.  As the year progresses, he will be adding notes for future lessons at the same url, so check back from time to time.  You will also find a link there for his OT lesson notes and handouts from 2006.  (I think he splits time as GD teacher, so you won’t find notes for each lesson there, but I’ve always found his notes to be excellent and highly recommend them.)

One Response to “Mike Parker’s GD Notes and Handouts”

  1. brianj said

    Thanks for adding the link. I bookmarked Mike Parker’s notes a while ago and refer to them often.

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